The rules and regulations that apply follow those in place for the Munster Schools Track & Field Championships 2019. Please read this page carefully and make your athletes aware of it.

Decisions: The judges and officials decisions are final.

Supervision: All athletes must be accompanied by an adult(s).

Volunteers: All schools must nominate an adult volunteer to assist with the running of the events (if called upon).


  1. An athlete may compete in no more than two individual events plus one Relay.
  2. A school may have no more than two athletes in any event.
  3. Each competitor must compete in their own age-group except in the Relay where one athlete from the age group immediately below may complete a team.
  4. A minor athlete may compete at Minor or Junior Level in the Track & Field Championships but not in the same event in both age groups.
  5. In the Minor and Junior age groups an athlete may compete in only one middle distance events (eg 800m and 1500m)
  6. In the Junior Girls’ and Junior Boys’ Triple Jump the athlete must start the run-up no further than 12 metres from the board.
  7. U16 athletes may not compete in both U16 Mile and 1,500m.
  8. Junior athletes may NOT enter the U16 Mile.
  9. 4 x 100m Relay will observe the 30m changeover zone.

Age Limits:   

Minor – Under 14 on 1st July 2019
Junior – Under 15 on 1st July 2019
U16 – Under 16 on 1st July 2019
Inter – Under 17 on 1st July 2019
Senior – Under 19 on 1st January 2019

Substitutes: an athlete may only be replaced by another athlete who already has a competitor’s number and subject to permission from the Competition Secretary.

Late Entries: in the interests of fairness, no late entries will be accepted.

BYES: please refer to Munster Schools website for procedures to be strictly adhered to.

Numbers: numbers must be worn by all athletes. The same number applies for both days. Please retain your number after Day 1 if you are competing on Day 2. Replacement numbers cannot be issued.

Minor Events: Only the following events are held in the Munster Championships: 75m Hurdles, 80m, 800m, Long Jump, Shot and Relay.

Hammer: All hammers throwers must provide their own regulation hammer.

Pole Vault: Please contact me if you have any competent pole vaulters as there will be no pole vault competition at the North Munsters.

QUALIFIERS for Munster Championships: In 2019, 2 athletes will qualify for laned events up to including 400m. Also 2 relay teams will qualify in each relay event. 3 athletes will qualify for all other events. Only U16 Mile qualify for Munster, any other U16 events are North Munster only. An athlete may only participate at Munster in two individual events and one relay.

Last updated: 4 April 2019