The records below are accurate on the basis of information available. In some situations a record may not have been established in the absence of adequate timing, start or wind gauge.

Where a record cannot be fully ratified (eg due to no wind gauge, etc) then this will be given as a Championship Best Performance (CBP).

If you have the full first name of any of the athletes below where only an initial is given then please let us know by email.

Minor Boys 100m11.52003Ger Tobin – Tralee CBS 
Minor Boys 200m24.22013Stanley Ikeh – Sexton St CBS 
Minor Boys 800m2:12.01985C McNamara – Ard Scoil Ris 
Minor Boys 1500m4:36.41984D Crowley – St Flannans 
Minor Boys 75m Hurdles11.52001Brendan O’Connor – Salesian College Pallaskenry 
Minor Boys 4 x 100m Relay50.11981Crescent 
Minor Boys Long Jump5.592005Nathan Jege – St Caimins 
Minor Boys Triple Jump10.862000Simon Hogan – St Nessans 
Minor Boys High Jump1.721991E McCarthy – Tralee CBS 
Minor Boys Shot14.802022Kieran Ó Catháin – PS Chorca Duibhne 
Minor Boys Javelin32.002014Joseph McEvoy – St Annes CC Killaloe 
Minor Boys Discus36.021985S Liston – St Munchins 
Minor Boys Hammer34.061997Joe Manahan – St Munchins 
Minor Boys Pole Vault2.301989Antoine Burke – Crescent 
Junior Boys 100m11.02017Mervyn Shalemba – Mount HawkCBP
Junior Boys 200m22.32017Mervyn Shalemba – Mount HawkCBP
Junior Boys 800m2:05.82016Ben Deasy – St Flannans 
Junior Boys 1500m4:19.02002Brian Markham – St Flannans 
Junior Boys 80m Hurdles11.82002
Ger Tobin – Tralee CBS
Brian Glynn – St Endas
Junior Boys 1200m Walk5:40.31998Dara Blake – Ennistymon CBS 
Junior Boys 4 x 100m Relay48.41980Tralee CBS 
Junior Boys Long Jump6.202016Sean Carolan – St Marys Newport 
Junior Boys Triple Jump12.361976N McCarthy – St Munchins 
Junior Boys High Jump1.852019Geoffrey Joy O’Regan – JTB Hospital 
Junior Boys Shot14.612019Callum Keating – Hazelwood College 
Junior Boys Javelin43.681973K Hartigan – Limerick CBS 
Junior Boys Hammer46.002016Sean Carolan – St Marys Newport 
Junior Boys Discus43.061986S Liston – St Munchins 
Junior Boys Pole Vault2.891970D Quinn – St  Munchins 
Inter Boys 100m10.72017
Gabriel Kehinde – Ennis C C
Tony Odubote – Rice College
Inter Boys 200m21.82019Diro Lawal – Castletroy CollegeCBP
Inter Boys 400m51.21993Brian Liddy – Glenstal 
Inter Boys 800m1:57.91998Patrick McCartan – SMI 
Inter Boys 1500m4:03.81984John Downes – St Pauls Kilfinane 
Inter Boys 3000m8:55.51994T Carey – Ard Scoil Ris 
Inter Boys 100m Hurdles13.41988D Sheehan – St Munchins 
Inter Boys 400m Hurdles56.11981Liam Looney – St Munchins 
Inter Boys 1500m S/C4:32.02003Cathal Dennehy – Ardscoil Ris 
Inter Boys 2000m Walk8:44.82016Gearóid McMahon – St Caimins 
Inter Boys 4 x 100m Relay45.61989Crescent 
Inter Boys Long Jump6.592016Joseph Miniter – CBS Ennistymon 
Inter Boys Triple Jump13.252006Niall Counihan – St Endas 
Inter Boys High Jump2.002017
Joseph McEvoy – St Anne’s Killaloe
Antoine Burke – Crescent
Inter Boys Shot18.582001Eoin Leen – Moyderwell 
Inter Boys Javelin52.072008Anton Katayev – St Clements 
Inter Boys Discus48.402001Eoin Leen – Moyderwell 
Inter Boys Hammer52.781984P O’Connor – St Munchins 
Inter Boys Pole Vault3.501981A O’Connor – St Munchins 
U16 Boys Mile4:45.02015Conor Devane – St Flannans 
Senior Boys 100m10.82019Cillian Griffin – Mercy Mount HawkCBP
Senior Boys 200m21.52017Jamie Mitchell – Ardscoil RísCBP
Senior Boys 400m48.91985Eamonn Smalle – Crescent 
Senior Boys 800m1:53.52001Liam Reale – John The Baptist Hospital 
Senior Boys 1500m3:57.91988Henry Downes – St Josephs Kilmallock 
Senior Boys 5000m14:59.01996Dermot Galvin – Kilkee CS 
Senior Boys 110m Hurdles14.41998Brendan Burke – John The Baptist Hospital 
Senior Boys 400m Hurdles54.41985Eamonn Smalle – Crescent 
Senior Boys 2000m S/C5:59.22000Liam Reale – John The Baptist Hospital 
Senior Boys 3000m Walk13:02.02018Gearóid McMahon – St Caimins 
Senior Boys 4 x 100m Relay44.32019Mercy Mount Hawk 
Senior Boys 4 x 400m Relay3:48.62018St FlannansNew in 2017
Senior Boys Long Jump6.791998Kevin Burke – Crescent 
Senior Boys Triple Jump13.601968David Ashe – Dingle CBS 
Senior Boys High Jump2.011992Antoine Burke – Crescent 
Senior Boys Shot16.212002Eoin Leen – Mount Hawk 
Senior Boys Javelin53.441983Tom Galvin – St Munchins 
Senior Boys Discus50.282002Eoin Leen – Mount Hawk 
Senior Boys Hammer54.461986P O’Connor – St Munchins 
Senior Boys Pole Vault3.781982A O’Connor – St Munchins 
Minor Girls 100m12.32012Kate Cosgrave – Castletroy College 
Minor Girls 200m25.52015Niamh Foley – SMI 
Minor Girls 800m2:20.12018Sarah Butler – Laurel Hill SS 
Minor Girls 1500m5:11.02019Louise O’Mahony – Coláiste Muire Ennis 
Minor Girls 75m Hurdles11.52016Chisolm Ugwueru – St Flannans 
Minor Girls 800m Walk4:49.32007Niamh O’Loughlin – Rice College Ennis 
Minor Girls 4 x 100m Relay53.61979Crescent 
Minor Girls Long Jump5.052013Emma Hennessey – St Marys Newport 
Minor Girls High Jump1.481984C Sullivan – Crescent 
Minor Girls Shot10.852019Ava Rochford – Rice College Ennis 
Minor Girls Javelin18.961998Rachel Akers – Scariff CC 
Minor Girls Discus23.941988C Walsh – Crescent 
Junior Girls 100m11.92011Roisin Harrison – Villiers 
Junior Girls 200m24.22017Ailbhe Doherty – St FlannansCBP
Junior Girls 800m2:21.92019Sarah Butler – Laurel Hill SS 
Junior Girls 1500m4:49.82017Aimee Hayde –  St Marys Newport 
Junior Girls 75m Hurdles11.362013Clodagh O’Mahony – Laurel Hill Colaiste 
Junior Girls 1200m Walk5:48.0
Siofra O’Dea – Spanish Point
Sorcha Prendiville – Tarbert CS
CBP – mixed race
Junior Girls 4 x 100m Relay53.21988
Junior Girls Long Jump5.422013Deirbhle Ni Riain – Gaelcholaiste Luimnigh 
Junior Girls Triple Jump10.322022
Clodagh Donohoe – St Marys Newport
Deirbhle Ni Riain – Gaelcholaiste Luimnigh
Junior Girls High Jump1.672017Caitlin Kennedy – John the Baptist 
Junior Girls Shot12.942017Megan Lenihan – Hazelwood College 
Junior Girls Javelin42.162017Megan Lenihan – Hazelwood College 
Junior Girls Discus42.442017Megan Lenihan – Hazelwood College 
Junior Girls Hammer49.042011Alice Akers – Scariff CCNew event 1998
Inter Girls 100m11.52015Ciara Neville – Castletroy College 
Inter Girls 200m24.02015Ciara Neville – Castletroy College 
Inter Girls 300m39.12015Sharlene Mawdsley – St Marys SS Newport 
Inter Girls 800m2:12.72018Aimee Hayde – St Marys SS Newport 
Inter Girls 1500m4:34.71991Aimee Hayde – St Marys SS Newport 
Inter Girls 3000m9:57.01982Patricia Logan – St Marys Limerick 
Inter Girls 80m Hurdles11.22015Ciara Neville – Castletroy College 
Inter Girls 300m Hurdles44.42022Eimear Galvin – Hazelwood Col Dromocollogher 
Inter Girls 1500m S/C5:44.82012Jessica Coyne – CrescentNew event 2012
Inter Girls 2000m Walk9:44.32005Sorcha Prendiville – Tarbert CS 
Inter Girls 4 x 100m Relay51.21988
Tarbert CS
Laurel Hill
Inter Girls Long Jump5.532017Sophie Meredith – SMICBP
Inter Girls Triple Jump12.012014Maria Carey – St Marys Newport 
Inter Girls High Jump1.722010Aisling Croke – Crescent 
Inter Girls Shot11.592019Megan Lenihan – Hazelwood College 
Inter Girls Javelin42.401982Brenda Walsh – Laurel Hill 
Inter Girls Discus39.322007Clare Fitzgerald – Presentation Tralee 
Inter Girls Hammer51.822012Alice Akers – Scariff CC 
U16 Girls Mile5:26.72016Leah O’Neill – Coláiste Muire Ennis 
Senior Girls 100m11.32017Ciara Neville – Castletroy CollegeCBP
Senior Girls 200m23.72016Sharlene Mawdsley – St Marys Newport 
Senior Girls 400m55.92017Sharlene Mawdsley – St Marys Newport 
Senior Girls 800m2:13.42018Alex O’Neill – Rice College 
Senior Girls 1500m4:40.01985Patricia Logan – St Nessans 
Senior Girls 3000m9:57.81985Patricia Logan – St Nessans 
Senior Girls 100m Hurdles13.62012Sarah Lavin – Castletroy College 
Senior Girls 400m Hurdles61.72009Louise O’Connor – Mount Hawk 
Senior Girls 1500m S/C   New in 2013
Senior Girls 3000m Walk14.512010Emma Ni Prindibheil – Pobailscoil Chorca Duibhne 
Senior Girls 4 x 100m Relay50.91990Tarbert CS 
Senior Girls 4 x 300m Relay3:01.82017Castletroy CollegeNew in 2017
Senior Girls Long Jump5.972018Sophie Meredith – SMICBP
Senior Girls Triple Jump11.382016Maria Carey – Limerick Tutorial CollegeNew event 1998
Senior Girls High Jump1.752013Aisling Croke – Crescent 
Senior Girls Shot13.141984D Tobin – Crescent 
Senior Girls Discus39.702004Rachel Akers – Scariff CC 
Senior Girls Javelin44.661982Brenda Walsh – Crescent 
Senior Girls Hammer56.122015Alice Akers – Scariff CC 

Updated 29/04/2022