2019 Results Track & Field

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Minor Boys 100m
D Dickson (Crescent College Comp SJ)
J Boland (Crescent College Comp SJ)
J Eltu (Rice College Ennis)

Minor Boys 200m
D Dickson (Crescent College Comp SJ)                                      25.0
C Mangan (Coláiste Chiarain)                                                 25.5
F O’Neill (Tralee CBS)                                                          26.2

Minor Boys 800m
D Kennedy  (St Mary’s S S Newport)                                         2.15.9
H Hamel (St John Bosco C C)                                                 2.18.2
C Mangan (Coláiste Chiarain)                                                 2.20.5

Minor Boys 1500m
M Abdalla (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                               5.14.8
C O’Brien (St Clements)                                                        5.37.6
D Moses (Gael Cholaiste an Chlar / Ennis C C)                             5.57.8

Minor Boys 75m Hurdles
J Boland (Crescent College Comp SJ)                                       12.1
J Obajitan (Tralee CBS)                                                        12.9
C Murphy (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                                13.2

Minor Boys Long Jump
Y O’Brien (St Anne’s C C Killaloe)                                             5.43
R Ybanez (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                               4.75
D Cunnane (Tralee CBS)                                                       4.63

Minor Boys Shot
T Allen (St Mary’s S S Newport)                                               9.06
L O’Callaghan (Limerick ETSS)                                               8.73
P Ward (Gael Cholaiste an Chlar / Ennis C C)                               8.18

Minor Girls 100m
V Amiadamen (Castletroy College)
A Ezekannagha (Coláiste Chiarain)
A Cleary (John The Baptist C S)

Minor Girls 200m
A Alfred (Laurel Hill Secondary School)                                      27.3
K Foley (SMI Newcastlewest)                                                  27.7
R Rahilly (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                                28.1

Minor Girls 800m
H O’Boyle (St Flannan’s)                                                       2.22
E Mannion (Coláiste Muire Ennis)                                             2.27
A Lillis (Rice College Ennis)                                                    2.29

Minor Girls 1500m
L O’Mahony (Coláiste Muire Ennis)                                           5.11
A Barrett (Coláiste Muire Ennis)                                               5.40
R Mulgrew (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                              6.14

Minor Girls 75m Hurdles
A Ezekannagha (Coláiste Chiarain)      13.0
L McLysaght (Mercy Mount Hawk)       13.6
E Nic An Tsithigh  (Pobalscoil Chorca Dhuibhne)

Minor Girls Long Jump
V Amiadamen (Castletroy College)                                           4.45
R Rahilly (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                                4.06
O McKenna (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                             3.91

Minor Girls Shot
A Rochford (Rice College Ennis)                                              10.85
S McEvoy (St Anne’s C C Killaloe)                                            7.43
E McEvoy (St Anne’s C C Killaloe)                                            6.84

Junior Boys 100m
E Opuoru (St Flannan’s)       11.9
J O’Connor (St Patricks S S Castleisland)
F Williams (Mercy Mount Hawk)

Junior Boys 200m
J O’Connor (St Patricks S S Castleisland)                                   24.0
L O Connell (St Michael’s Listowel)                                           25.1
S Neville (Limerick ETSS)                                                      25.4

Junior Boys 800m
C O’Boyle (St Flannan’s)                                                       2.13.5
C Higgins (St Munchin’s)                                                       2.29.1
C O’Gara (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                                2.31.2

Junior Boys 1500m
N Murphy (St Flannan’s)                                                        4.39.9
F Ceileachair (Gael Cholaiste an Chlar / Ennis C C)                        4.55.2
S Neville (Limerick ETSS)                                                      4.56.8

Junior Boys 80m Hurdles
F Williams (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                               13.7
A O’Connor (Castletroy College)                                              14.0
P Falvey (Tralee CBS)                                                          15.1

Junior Boys Long Jump
D O’Connor (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                             5.02
A O’Connor (Castletroy College)                                              4.76
P Falvey (Tralee CBS)                                                          4.72

Junior Boys Triple Jump
L Murphy (Coláiste Chiarain)                                                  8.68
S Hanley (Glenstal Abbey School)                                            8.50
J Sleeman (Glenstal Abbey School)                                          7.70

Junior Boys High Jump
G Joy O’Regan (John The Baptist C S)                                       1.85
A Buchanan (Pobalscoil Chorca Dhuibhne)                                  1.60
A Uosis (Pobalscoil Chorca Dhuibhne)                                       1.55

Junior Boys Shot
C Keating (Hazelwood College)                                               14.61
P McCarthy (St Michael’s Listowel)                                           12.02
C Ó Muircheartaigh (Pobalscoil Chorca Dhuibhne)                         8.86

Junior Boys Discus
P McCarthy (St Michael’s Listowel)                                           29.20
C O’Mhurthuile (Glenstal Abbey School)                                     18.78

Junior Boys Javelin
C Murphy (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                                34.35
P Frawley (Glenstal Abbey School)                                           13.22

Junior Girls 100m
D Lawal (Castletroy College) 13.15
M McElligott (Presentation Listowel)
K Enright (Mercy Mount Hawk)

Junior Girls 200m
D Lawal (Castletroy College)                                                  27.2
A Malice (Coláiste Muire Ennis)                                               27.5
E Conroy (Laurel Hill Secondary School)                                    27.6

Junior Girls 800m
S Butler (Laurel Hill Secondary School)                                      2.21.9
M Campbell (Crescent College Comp SJ)                                   2.23.9
M Cagney (SMI Newcastlewest)                                              2.29.5

Junior Girls 1500m
N Ni Hainifein (Gael Cholaiste an Chlar / Ennis C C)                       4.52.7
M Murray (Scariff C C)                                                          5.15
S Reidy (Castleisland C C)                                                     5.54

Junior Girls 1200m Walk
M Gaffrey (St Mary’s S S Newport)                                           7.16
E Hayde  (St Mary’s S S Newport)                                            7.53
S Reidy (Castleisland C C)                                                     7.54

Junior Girls 75m Hurdles
J Clarke (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                                 14.0
A Healy (St Caimin’s)                                                           15.6
C Ní Allarúin (Pobalscoil Chorca Dhuibhne)                                 19.2

Junior Girls Long Jump
M McElligott (Presentation Listowel)                                          4.23
E Hall (Pobalscoil Chorca Dhuibhne)                                         4.09
R Leyden (Coláiste Muire Ennis)                                              3.78

Junior Girls Triple Jump
H McKenna (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                             8.42

Junior Girls High Jump
A Rochford (Rice College Ennis)                                              1.65
E McEvoy (St Anne’s C C Killaloe)                                            1.50
E Hall (Pobalscoil Chorca Dhuibhne)                                         1.35

Junior Girls Shot
E Carolan (St Mary’s S S Newport)                                           9.02
A O’Shea (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                                8.94
A Moloney (Coláiste Muire Ennis)                                             8.36

Junior Girls Discus
A O’Shea (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                                27.47

Junior Girls Javelin
A Moloney (Coláiste Muire Ennis)                                             24.32
D O’Shea (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                                23.77
E Carolan (St Mary’s S S Newport)                                           20.21

Junior Girls Hammer
G Lane (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                                  13.92

Inter Boys 100m
D Lawal (Castletroy College) 10.8
M Shalemba (Mercy Mount Hawk)
J Okwuegbe (Thomond C C)

Inter Boys 200m
D Lawal (Castletroy College)                                                  21.8
M Shalemba (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                            22.1
T Lawal (Castletroy College)                                                   23.5

Inter Boys 400m
R Prenderville (John The Baptist C S)                                        51.5
J O’Connor (Ardscoil Rís)                                                      53.5
N Wright (Desmond College)                                                  53.8

Inter Boys 800m
T Collins (Glenstal Abbey School)                                            2.03.7
R Prenderville (John The Baptist C S)                                        2.04.4
K O’ Carroll (Ardscoil Rís)                                                      2.07.8

Inter Boys 1500m
T Collins (Glenstal Abbey School)                                            4.15.6
L Griffin (St Flannan’s)                                                          4.16.5
D Casey (St Flannan’s)                                                         4.28.8

Inter Boys 3000m
M Hanrahan (St Flannan’s)                                                    9.17.4
D Casey (St Flannan’s)                                                         9.21.5
O Murray (Gaelcholaiste Chiarrai)                                             9.49.3

Inter Boys 2000m Walk
N McConway (St Flannan’s)                                                   12.10
C O’Mahony (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                            14.54
M Vichente (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                              15.13

Inter Boys 100m Hurdles
P Ambrose (SMI Newcastlewest)                                             17.3
F McInerney (St Caimin’s)                                                      20.0

Inter Boys 1500m Steeplechase
C Hartigan (Glenstal Abbey School)                                          5.39.8

U16 Boys Mile
O Murray (Gaelcholaiste Chiarrai)                                             4.58.3
J O’Donoghue (Tralee CBS)                                                   4.58.9
B Conway (St Flannan’s)                                                       5.02

Inter Boys Long Jump
S Kirschner (John The Baptist C S)                                           5.28
J Leung (Coláiste Chiarain)                                                    5.21
E Quin (St Munchin’s)                                                           4.86

Inter Boys Triple Jump
R Pearce (Tralee CBS)                                                         10.89
T Ede (Coláiste Chiarain)                                                      10.81
D Onwuniwe (St Flannan’s)                                                    8.76

Inter Boys High Jump
K O’Connor (Colaiste Ide agus Iosef)                                         1.50
P Queally (Glenstal Abbey School)                                           1.45
M Kelly (St Munchin’s)                                                          1.35

Inter Boys Shot
C McGrath (St Clements)                                                      10.71
L Ryans (John The Baptist C S)                                               9.82
T Ezenduka (Coláiste Chiarain)                                               9.79

Inter Boys Discus
E Kelly (Salesian Secondary College)                                        22.01
D Griffin (Tralee CBS)                                                          21.67
D Murphy (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                                19.43

Inter Boys Javelin
J McEvoy (St Anne’s C C Killaloe)                                            45.30
D Murphy (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                                34.63
L Ryans (John The Baptist C S)                                               28.87

Inter Boys Hammer
N McConway (St Flannan’s)                                                   34.33

Inter Girls 100m
S Dickson (Crescent College Comp SJ) 13.1
J Jagielska (St Flannan’s)
A Neville  (Castletroy College)

Inter Girls 200m
R Falvey (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                                 25.9
C Pierse (Presentation Listowel)                                              26.3
A Tony (Colaiste Ide agus Iosef)                                              26.4

Inter Girls 300m
A Doherty (St Flannan’s)                                                       43.5
E Pike (Rice College Ennis)                                                    44.8
E Murphy (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                                45.2

Inter Girls 800m
A Hayde (St Mary’s S S Newport)                                             2.18.9
S Lane (St Anne’s C C Killaloe)                                               2.24.8
E O’Sullivan (Presentation Tralee)                                            2.28.9

Inter Girls 1500m
A Hayde (St Mary’s S S Newport)                                             4.48.7
K Hughes (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                               6.44.0

Inter Girls 3000m
N O’Mahony (Presentation Tralee)                                            10.24.5
E O’Sullivan (Presentation Tralee)                                            11.51.6
P McCarthy (Gaelcholaiste Chiarrai)                                          12.38.9

Inter Girls 2000m Walk
K Kerins (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                                 15.34

Inter Girls 80m Hurdles
C Ugwueru (St Flannan’s)                                                      12.3
O Adedeja (Coláiste Chiarain)                                                 12.6
C O’Connor (Desmond College)                                               17.9

Inter Girls 300m Hurdles
O Adedeja (Coláiste Chiarain)
M Looney (St Anne’s C C Killaloe)
M Hall (Pobalscoil Chorca Dhuibhne)

U16 Girls Mile
R Ni Lachtanin (Coláiste Muire Ennis)                                        6.10
K Arthur (Coláiste Muire Ennis)                                                6.26

Inter Girls Long Jump
R Falvey (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                                 5.08
G O’Mahony (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                            3.82
C Rice (Presentation Tralee)                                                   3.44

Inter Girls Triple Jump
C Ugwueru (St Flannan’s)                                                      10.12
C McNamara (Scariff C C)                                                      8.94
M Hilvering (Scariff C C)                                                        8.58

Inter Girls High Jump
C Kennedy (John The Baptist C S)                                            1.65
E Dillon (Villiers)                                                                 1.60
S Ogungbesan (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                         1.35

Inter Girls Shot
M Lenihan (Hazelwood College)                                              11.59
A Nwaigue (Coláiste Muire Ennis)                                            9.77
S Ojulari (St Flannan’s)                                                         8.79

Inter Girls Discus
M Lenihan (Hazelwood College)                                              36.56
K Reid (Pobalscoil Chorca Dhuibhne)                                        19.99
I Njoku (St Caimin’s)                                                            16.80

Inter Girls Javelin
L Healy (Coláiste Muire Ennis)                                                38.41
K Reid (Pobalscoil Chorca Dhuibhne)                                        32.91
H Meredith (SMI Newcastlewest)                                              27.11

Senior Boys 100m
C Griffin (Mercy Mount Hawk) 10.8
B Oyebanji (Mercy Mount Hawk)
S Ojo (Coláiste Chiarain)

Senior Boys 200m
C Griffin (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                                 22.1
B Oyebanji (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                              22.4
T Adeyemo (St Clements)                                                      22.6

Senior Boys 400m
F O’Brien  (Tralee CBS)                                                        52.4
B Sheehan (Colaiste Ide agus Iosef)                                          53.6
R Clothier  (Castletroy College)                                               54.2

Senior Boys 800m
B Deasy (St Flannan’s)                                                         2.08.6
S Cleary (Ardscoil Rís)                                                         2.42.3

Senior Boys 1500m
O Spillane (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                               4.31.6
D Lynch (Tralee CBS)                                                          4.33.4
P Holian (John The Baptist C S)                                               4.44.2

Senior Boys 5000m
O Spillane (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                               16.45.1
K O’ Grady (Ardscoil Rís)                                                       17.03.4
J Kelly (St Patrick’s C S Shannon)                                            17.30.1

Senior Boys 110m Hurdles
J McEvoy (St Anne’s C C Killaloe)                                            14.9
J Hanly (St Anne’s C C Killaloe)                                               21.8

Senior Boys 400m Hurdles
R Clothier  (Castletroy College)                                               61.6
A Malik (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                                  64.1

Senior Boys Long Jump
L O’Carroll (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                              6.54
S Carolan  (St Mary’s S S Newport)                                           6.22
M Tony (Colaiste Ide agus Iosef)                                              6.02

Senior Boys Triple Jump
M Tony (Colaiste Ide agus Iosef)                                              12.95
L O’Carroll (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                              11.85
J Rusk (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                                   11.74

Senior Boys High Jump
D Courtney (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                              1.90
J McEvoy (St Anne’s C C Killaloe)                                            1.90
D Greene (St Michael’s Kilmihil)                                               1.80

Senior Boys Shot
S Carolan  (St Mary’s S S Newport)                                           13.26
D Siegel (Tralee CBS)                                                          12.77
C Tanyi (Salesian Secondary College)                                       10.11

Senior Boys Discus
A Malik (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                                  30.43
C Tanyi (Salesian Secondary College)                                       23.68

Senior Boys Javelin
M Kelly (St Munchin’s)                                                          20.88

Senior Boys Hammer
J Cadigan (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                               18.82
M Kerins (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                                 14.58

Senior Girls 100m
O O’Reilly (Mercy Mount Hawk)
N Foley (SMI Newcastlewest)
S Ogbuagu (St Flannan’s)

Senior Girls 200m
O O’Reilly (Mercy Mount Hawk)                                               25.0
N Foley (SMI Newcastlewest)                                                 25.7
H Dee (Crescent College Comp SJ)                                          27.6

Senior Girls 400m
A Russell  (Castletroy College)                                                61.5
Z Bolger (Villiers)                                                                61.9
K Murphy (Coláiste Muire Ennis)                                              64.9

Senior Girls 800m
J Keane (St Flannan’s)                                                         2.14.1

Senior Girls 1500m
R Fehily (Laurel Hill Coláiste)                                                  5.15.1

Senior Girls 3000m
L Healy (St Flannan’s)                                                          11.02.5

Senior Girls 100m Hurdles
M Bates (Colaiste Ide agus Iosef)                                             23.8

Senior Girls 400m Hurdles
E Rochford (Coláiste Muire Ennis)                                            71.0

Senior Girls Long Jump
S Meredith (SMI Newcastlewest)                                              5.42
S Ryan (Crescent College Comp SJ)                                         4.73

Senior Girls Triple Jump
S Ryan (Crescent College Comp SJ)                                         9.59

Senior Girls Shot
S Benson (St Flannan’s)                                                        8.94
D Kiely Ejikeme (Coláiste Chiarain)                                           5.35

Senior Girls Discus
S Benson (St Flannan’s)                                                        26.33
L Cronin (Brookfield College)                                                  23.71

Senior Girls Javelin
S Liston (SMI Newcastlewest)                                                 23.91

Senior Girls Hammer
L Cronin (Brookfield College)                                                  34.20

Relay Results

1Crescent College Comp SJMinor Boys 4 x 100m Relay50.7
2Mercy Mount HawkMinor Boys 4 x 100m Relay52.5
3Coláiste ChiarainMinor Boys 4 x 100m Relay52.8
1Castletroy CollegeJunior Boys 4 x 100m Relay50.5
2Coláiste ChiarainJunior Boys 4 x 100m Relay51.7
3Glenstal Abbey SchoolJunior Boys 4 x 100m Relay67.1
1Ardscoil RísInter Boys 4 x 100m Relay46.4
2Castletroy CollegeInter Boys 4 x 100m Relay46.5
3Coláiste ChiarainInter Boys 4 x 100m Relay47.2
1Mercy Mount HawkSenior Boys 4 x 100m Relay44.3
2St Anne’s C C KillaloeSenior Boys 4 x 100m Relay45.5
3Coláiste ChiarainSenior Boys 4 x 100m Relay46.8
1Mercy Mount HawkMinor Girls 4 x 100m Relay55.7
2Rice College EnnisMinor Girls 4 x 100m Relay56.6
3Coláiste ChiarainMinor Girls 4 x 100m Relay56.9
1Laurel Hill Secondary SchoolJunior Girls 4 x 100m Relay54.9
2Castletroy CollegeJunior Girls 4 x 100m Relay57.1
3Mercy Mount HawkJunior Girls 4 x 100m Relay57.3
1Castletroy CollegeInter Girls 4 x 100m Relay52.1
2St FlannansInter Girls 4 x 100m Relay53.5
3Coláiste Muire EnnisInter Girls 4 x 100m Relay53.9
1Crescent College Comp SJSenior Girls 4 x 100m Relay53.3
2SMI NewcastlewestSenior Girls 4 x 100m Relay54.5
3Colaiste Ide agus IosefSenior Girls 4 x 100m Relay59.4
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