2017 North Munster Schools Cross-Country

The North Munster Schools Cross-Country Championships will take place in Salesian Secondary College, Pallaskenry on Thursday 26th January 2017. These are the mandatory qualifiers for the Irish Life Health Munster Schools Cross-Country Championships.

Entry Form and Payment

Entries by EMAIL ONLY


  1. Download the ccentryform2017 (Excel file)
  2. Fill in the downloaded entry form with required details on the Excel spreadsheet
  3. Calculate entry fee (no of athletes x €3.00)
  4. Include affiliation form & fee (€70) if not yet affiliated. Please refer to the REGISTRATION section of this website for further details.
  5. Email completed entry form as Excel attachment to: info@northmunstersports.com
  6. Make full payment as calculated above at event registration. If you are (re-)affiliating please submit the completed affiliation form at registration time.

IMPORTANT If your school has not affiliated for the 2016-17 athletics season (Sept 2016-Aug 2017) your Cross-Country entry will not be accepted. If you are entering by email then full payment (incl affiliation where applicable) must be made on registration. No payment – no participation. Athletes from unaffiliated schools may not participate as they are not covered by insurance.


ENTRY FEE: €3.00 per athlete

PAYMENT: Cash or cheque for full amount (including affiliation fee where due) to be paid at registration on the day of the event.


Athlete numbers will be available from 11.30am. In the interests of health and safety all schools must ensure that athletes are accompanied by a teacher or a responsible adult. Athlete numbers will not be released to unaccompanied athletes or to unaffiliated schools.

First race 12.30pm (Minor Girls) – SHARP. Remaining races will follow in sequence Minor Girls, Minor Boys, Junior Girls, Junior Boys, etc. All distances are approximate. Events may be combined or shortened at the discretion of the officials on the day.

Minor Girls Junior Girls Inter Girls Senior Girls
U14 on 01/07/17 U15 on 01/07/17 U17 on 01/07/17 U19 on 01/01/17
1500m 2000m 2500m 2500m
Minor Boys Junior Boys Inter Boys Senior Boys
U14 on 01/07/17 U15 on 01/07/17 U17 on 01/07/17 U19 on 01/01/17
2000m 2,500m 4500m 5000m


  • Girls – team of 6 (max) – 3 to count
  • Boys – team of 8 (max) – 4 to count

Only 1 team per school per age grade. First 6 girls / 8 boys will constitute a school team.


  1. An athlete must run in their own age-group except in the team event where one athlete from the age group immediately below may complete a team.
  2. No athlete may run in more than one race
  3. In the event of a tie in the team competition, the last scoring runner who finishes nearer the first place shall determine the result.

Medals & Results

Medals will be awarded to the first 3 individuals in each race and to the first 3 teams.
Team medals will be posted out to schools once the team placings have been finalised.

Results will be available on this website once processed and finalised.

Qualification for Irish Life Health Munster Schools Cross-Country

  1. The first 15 individual runners in each race
  2. The first 4 teams in each race


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